BaggerBot Automatic Sand-Bagging Machine




This portable and fully automated sand packaging system represents the most advanced and highest throughput in-line packaging solution available today. The machine operator monitors the sand level in the hopper while attaching the empty sandbags to the conveyor assembly for fill and the machine does the rest. The machine will then fill the bags with sand and sew them shut to prevent the sand from escaping This automatic sand-bagging machine maintains bag control throughout the entire process and has a 99.9% success rate of filling and closing. The filled and sealed sandbag will then be moved from the machine via a conveyor for placement. They can be picked up manually or placed on a pallet for removal via forklift. We offer this packaging solution with an array of options which are available upon request. By utilizing mainstream and proven technology, we are able to offer years of production at a consistent level unmatched by any other comparable machine in its class.


Cargo container (standard Hi 8′ x 20′ -meets ISO 1496-1 : 1990) built to be shipped anywhere around the world. The top of the container can support and withstand over 760,000 lbs. of vertical force on the corners of the container.

The automatic sewing of the bags is accomplished by a Union Special cotton sewing machine. These manufacturing tested sewing machines are the workhorses of the bag sewing industry.

Worldwide access (Version mobile) to the on board “bagger” digital and electronic controls.  The controls, onsite programing and modifications can be accomplished remotely or on-site.

The circuit boards, interface controls, contactors, VFD’s…etc. are housed in NEMA 4 rated electric panels. These high-quality panels are designed to withstand the harsh environment that bagger machines operate in every day.

Redline Systems conveyors are utilized for transporting the raw material within the bagger machine. Redline Conveyors are time tested, high volume, mining operation conveyor systems that are adjustable for different bag sizes.

Parker Hannifin (or equal), 30 Horsepower, Hydraulic power system automatically operates the high speed robotic bag filling slide gates, bag opening and closing sequence, bag holders and clips.

Bagger Bot, transforms on site, to handle over 120 types of bags, fill materials, or threading material on site.

TWO (2) Bagger Bots machines can be transported on 1 flatbed semi-trailer bed to be quickly dispatched in emergency situations.

Bagger Bot can be modified, to fill 4000 lb. Large bags and transported with Gradall Forklifts.


 Bagger Bot Automatic Sand Bagging Machine III

Capacity* 1600 bags/hour
Filling System Three spouts, triple filling
Bag Type** 120+ Types of Woven Bags
Filled Weight 20-100 lbs
Power Required 208/240 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 60 A
Power Options Whisperwatt Generator Can Be Supplied Upon Request
Machine Weight (Estimated) 10,000 lbs
Dimensions Height: 10′ Length: 20′ Width: 8′
* Capacity can vary due to product flow characteristics.
** Bag samples may be required to confirm machine compatibility.
NOTE: There are many options and variations available upon request.

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