Baggerbot Webinar Recap


Our equity crowdfunding raise has been a productive and motivating journey. The end of our equity crowdfunding raise is quickly approaching, and we’d love for you to join the Baggerbot Community!

President Tom Burns and Secretary Nicole Aquino recently hosted a Q&A + campaign overview webinar. Don’t miss out on this revolutionary investment opportunity!  

In case you missed it, we highly recommend watching. This is your chance to own a piece of the Baggerbot – our product is an extraordinary robotic machine  that can fill and sew 1,600 bags per hour, operating  24 hours a day! The Baggerbot is able to accommodate over 140 different bag materials and is capable of filling wet or dry contents up to 1.2” in diameter, making it a game changer in vital industries such as flood protection, infrastructure, recycling, sustainability, etc. this robotic machine will revolutionize the way we respond to weather and climate disasters and will take the global industrial bagging industry by storm! 

Invest in the Baggerbot Today

The Baggerbot team is looking to capitalize on expanding the global industrial  bagging market on StartEngine! We’d love for you to be a new addition to our investor community!


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