Mission Statement:

Baggerbot by Brigade Automation Corporation StartEngine InvestmentTo efficiently produce sand and gravel bags at the highest rate possible using robotic bag filling machines.

Bagger Bots are easily transportable, and designed for large scale sustainable bag production to handle emergency and day-to-day demands for our future customers.

About Us:

In 2015, while watching their sons’ baseball game, Tom Burns and Mark Ensor laid the groundwork for what would become the “Bagger Bot”.

The idea behind the machine would be to quickly and efficiently fill various types of bags with multiple types of fill in response to global demands.

Fast forward to 2020, following thousands of hours of engineer work and design, BaggerBot is ready to be deployed by Brigade Automation Corporation (BAC).

Recent Podcasts
Tom Burns, president and CFO of Brigade Automation Corporation (BAC) was interviewed on America’s Web Radio on April 22, 2022.

During the discussion, Tom provided an update on how the BaggerBot team is working to solve a environmental problem for recyclers who are interested in bagging deconstructed / recycled waste material in biodegradable bagsThe goal is repurpose the deconstructed content for public use and not have any of the content nor the bag (itself) return to a landfill.

American Web Radio Podcast about the BaggerBot

BaggerBot Landfill Environmental Bagging SolutionHow? The ‘deconstructed’ contents and the bag – everything – will gradually decompose over a period of time.  Thus, reducing the amount of waste returning back to a landfill.

Tune in to the Americas Web Radio podcast for those details and more to learn about the BaggerBot and how to Invest in the BaggerBot.

Why Bagger Bot?

The demands for a high-speed bagging bot is at an all-time high. Industry needs include temporary housing, natural disasters, landscaping, waterway reinforcement, military applications, and the oil industry.

The Baggerbot is an effective and viable option to existing technologies used to produce filled and sealed sand and gravel bags”. Baggerbot is up to 60% more efficient, safer, and is a faster way to help save communities and homes from flooding. Help us save homes and businesses within flood-prone communities by investing in the BaggerBot.