BaggerBot ProtoType Ready for Release

invest with a purpose in the baggerbot

The Baggerbot is a mobile, highly sophisticated robotic machine that can rapidly and safely fill and sew over 140 different types of bags containing wet or dry content – i.e. sand, gravel, coffee, tea, rice, etc… -up to 1.2″ in diameter.

The Baggerbot can produce at a rate of 1,600 bags per hour and with the capability of running 24 hours a day – all with minimum human labor.

Recent publications on Yahoo Finance about the Baggerbot and Benzinga by Brigade Automation, Corporation.

The Baggerbot was designed to help save businesses, homes, and communities from flooding using the traditional method of sandbags with a revolutionary robotic machine.

This robotic bag filling and sewing machine is patented in the US (#US20150298841A1) and China (CN105035372A) and easily transportable, and produces a high volume of filled and sewn bags at a fast pace.

Listen to our recent podcast on Americas Web Radio.

Baggerbot’s, patented, robotic technology design has been refined to optimize efficiency and reliability, and has passed the Mining Safety and Health Requirements (MSHA).

We’re excited to have a fully functional prototype that has successfully completed bagging trials at multiple locations and is ready for commercial production.

Join us in protecting communities across America as we prepare for these challenges – Baggerbot.